About Crissi


That’s me, not too far away from three years old. This was the day I found my purpose, though at the time I’m sure I was more mesmerized by how soft the pony was, and how very big. From this day and through my childhood I dreamed about, pretended to be, ran around like, and drew horses. 

Growing up, I was at my most motivated when the work I did would earn me time with horses: lessons, mucking stalls in trade for a ride on a friend’s horse, babysitting to earn enough money for lessons, seeking out and finding horses where ever I could. Little did I know that all this time spent doing work would also be teaching me as well.  Later, I was certified as an instructor through the CHA and got my first horse at 24 years old. Three more followed within two years.


Photo: Allyson DeCanio

I’ve had the pleasure to participate in western riding, working cattle, leading trail rides, managing large herds, showing in Hunt Seat Equitation and Dressage, taking jumping lessons, and have spent the last decade working with many different breeds of horses and people from all over the world.

After having worked with thousands of horses and riders for the past 20 years, I am enjoying giving private lessons as well as teaching at clinics with my husband Mark Rashid, throughout the United States. I’ve been a certified Masterson Method® equine bodyworker since 2017 and am now also an instructor for the Masterson two-day Beyond Horse Massage workshops. 

Photo: Gail Fazio
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Photo: Sue Hill
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