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Photo: Bo Reich


What you will experience in your time with Crissi: 

~A private lesson that integrates aspects of both education for your horse and yourself. I travel to your barn or home. A lesson typically lasts one hour, though if the horse needs more time, we can always go longer.

~Over 15 years of learning and teaching with Mark Rashid. I’ve spent nearly a decade teaching at clinics he gives both here in the U.S. and abroad. I continue to evolve in my own understanding of the principles by co-teaching with him at clinics.

~Your horse can benefit from The Masterson Method®, a form of bodywork for horses. I am a Certified Masterson Method® Practitioner and Two Day Beyond Horse Massage® Seminar Instructor.

~A broad range of information for your questions about: saddle fit, equine behavior, rider balance, building confidence, and much more.

~An emphasis on creating a safe, open and informative learning environment for you and your horse.

~A knowledge of supplements, nutrition, and herbs for horses.

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