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The Best Tools

There’s an expression currently making its rounds in the horse world. “It’s another tool for my toolbox.” Having answers to our horse’s questions is a good thing. To be with horses safely and with pleasure, there are things we must know about them. They… Continue Reading “The Best Tools”

The Season of Acceptance

There are things I like about this time of year. The Christmas lights that festoon the trees lining our downtown main street are magical, especially after a nighttime snowfall. I like that the dark reminds us to go inside and recharge after a season… Continue Reading “The Season of Acceptance”

Excerpt from “Continuing The Ride.”

In the summer, I like to keep a few pots of herbs and vegetables on our south-facing porch. The growing season is short where we live, and between the weather and the deer who like the same herbs and vegetables I do, growing food… Continue Reading “Excerpt from “Continuing The Ride.””

One Rein Thoughts

By the time Shelly came into the arena for her lesson with me, her mare’s bay coat was almost black with sweat. When Shelly bought the mare, Jewel, the previous year, she hadn’t noticed anything alarming about her behavior other than the horse seemed… Continue Reading “One Rein Thoughts”

You Already Have Timing and Feel

As I was brushing our horses yesterday, I noticed that despite the rivulet of sweat running down my back, their short summer coats were falling out. In the shade of a day edging toward 90 degrees, while I was in a t-shirt and cropped… Continue Reading “You Already Have Timing and Feel”

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