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Through the Maze: Riding After an Accident

“Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence.” Peter Levine Part One It’s raining today. Clouds mumble thunder, but it looks like they also have snow on their mind. It is, in other words, a perfect day… Continue Reading “Through the Maze: Riding After an Accident”

Duet: Part 2

“I have noticed that in this work (where the principal focus is softness, and helping the horse feel good), there comes a point where they grow past us. We ask them to open, and when they do, they show the depth of themselves which holds more than we ever imagined.”

Duet: Part 1.

Friendship: a state of mutual trust and support.  Synonyms: harmony, accord, understanding, rapport.   Over the last several months while teaching, I’ve heard myself saying “Treat your horse as though he’s your friend.” This doesn’t come up with every horse and rider. And it doesn’t… Continue Reading “Duet: Part 1.”

Under the Magnifying Glass: what do we mean by what we say?

Before sharing some ideas about the myth of horses being barn sour, let’s revisit the context in which we are using the word “myth.”  We are scrutinizing commonly held perceptions and/or beliefs under the magnifying glass of inquiry. What do the things we say… Continue Reading “Under the Magnifying Glass: what do we mean by what we say?”

Perception, horses and wizards:

Rethinking some common myths in horsemanship. It has struck me recently that despite our brains being amazing, they will, at some point, give us deceptive information. There are many articles, TV shows and books dedicated to the various functions of the brain and how… Continue Reading “Perception, horses and wizards:”

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