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Excerpt from “Continuing The Ride.”

In the summer, I like to keep a few pots of herbs and vegetables on our south-facing porch. The growing season is short where we live, and between the weather and the deer who like the same herbs and vegetables I do, growing food… Continue Reading “Excerpt from “Continuing The Ride.””

You Already Have Timing and Feel

As I was brushing our horses yesterday, I noticed that despite the rivulet of sweat running down my back, their short summer coats were falling out. In the shade of a day edging toward 90 degrees, while I was in a t-shirt and cropped… Continue Reading “You Already Have Timing and Feel”

Your Horse Isn’t Distracted

After learning about the horse’s brain at a recent seminar and getting to hold a horse brain, I felt a thrill much like roller coasters must be thrilling for some people.   The seminar, given by Dr. Steve Peters (author of “Evidence-Based Horsemanship”), covered a lot… Continue Reading “Your Horse Isn’t Distracted”

Living In The Center

As we stood at the gate to the horse’s paddock on a sunny afternoon, my nephew said: “Aunt Crissi, I want to pet every horse in the pen!” “Let’s do that,” I said. “Before we go in, though, let’s breathe and feel our belly.… Continue Reading “Living In The Center”

A Gratitude of Horses

Thorny was an old cowboy my parents knew, and the first person who introduced me to horses. I was still in diapers, holding on to the lead rope of a gray speckled pony that wasn’t much taller than I was. I can still see… Continue Reading “A Gratitude of Horses”

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