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Horse Moments

      I wrote one sentence for this month’s  blog, and it felt hollow. Two sentences in, and my inner Chicken Little was running around, feathers flying and wings upraised in panicked supplication screaming “The sky is falling and you’re writing a blog?!” It… Continue Reading “Horse Moments”

Of Horses and People

We will only get so far in our skills and relationship with horses if we don’t work on building skills and relationships with people.

From the Outside, In.

“We like horses because they are smart, but we train them like they’re stupid.” Mark Rashid   During a dressage lesson many years ago, my instructor had me put my horse Caleb in a double bridle (which has both a curb bit and a… Continue Reading “From the Outside, In.”

You Can Be You.

Have you ever watched someone do something with their horse and thought, “That will never be me.” Or, even worse, had a trainer, experienced horse person or complete stranger (as they say in Texas “Bless their heart.”) tell you, in so many words,  the… Continue Reading “You Can Be You.”

Respect: A Eulogy

  There is a phrase that is used in the horse world  I hope soon dies a quiet and peaceful death. I’ve been inviting it over for tea and taking it for walks to discuss other points of view. Helping get its affairs in order.… Continue Reading “Respect: A Eulogy”

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