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You Already Have Timing and Feel

As I was brushing our horses yesterday, I noticed that despite the rivulet of sweat running down my back, their short summer coats were falling out. In the shade of a day edging toward 90 degrees, while I was in a t-shirt and cropped… Continue Reading “You Already Have Timing and Feel”

Your Horse Isn’t Distracted

After learning about the horse’s brain at a recent seminar and getting to hold a horse brain, I felt a thrill much like roller coasters must be thrilling for some people.   The seminar, given by Dr. Steve Peters (author of “Evidence-Based Horsemanship”), covered a lot… Continue Reading “Your Horse Isn’t Distracted”

Living In The Center

As we stood at the gate to the horse’s paddock on a sunny afternoon, my nephew said: “Aunt Crissi, I want to pet every horse in the pen!” “Let’s do that,” I said. “Before we go in, though, let’s breathe and feel our belly.… Continue Reading “Living In The Center”

A Gratitude of Horses

Thorny was an old cowboy my parents knew, and the first person who introduced me to horses. I was still in diapers, holding on to the lead rope of a gray speckled pony that wasn’t much taller than I was. I can still see… Continue Reading “A Gratitude of Horses”

The Whole Horse

  It was a warm and sunny morning as I chatted with Jaycee about what she would like to work on with her horse Scamp. “I’ve been making him move his feet because everyone I’ve worked with says he needs to move his feet… Continue Reading “The Whole Horse”

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