Crissi’s new book, Continuing The Ride: Rebuilding Confidence from the Ground Up will be released by mid to late November this year!

Please check back on this site for updates and more information

September 9, 2019

The cover is done!

Continuing the Ride Cover 3D



September 7, 2019

The book is currently undergoing its first edit with my editor, otherwise knowns as Mom. My mother, Susan Tasaki, has been in the publishing industry for over thirty years and is in the process of cleaning up the manuscript. Even though I finished writing it two weeks ago, it seems the book has more to say. Some snippets (well, pages) will be added after the first edit, and then my Mom and I will go through it one more time before sending it off to be formatted for both the e-book version and a print version.

The photos taken by one of my favorite people in the world, Lindsey Tedder, will be making their debut on the cover that is currently being designed.  Jane is in the last stages of the cover design. Once I have the final, I’ll post it here for everyone to see.

I’ve dreamt of writing a book since I was eight years old (and wrote and illustrated my first horse book). To have this long-held dream solidify into reality feels surreal, scary, and downright thrilling. Thanks for joining me here, and thanks for sharing the ride as my book makes its way into the world.

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