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Continuing the Ride Cover 3D

“Back in the saddle,” isn’t just a cliché or a metaphor. For Crissi McDonald, its where she’s spent four decades of her life, and a challenge she wasn’t sure she’d still be able to meet.

On an ordinary sunny afternoon in 2014, Crissi’s world falls apart. Waking up in the hospital after a freak accident with her horse, she listens as doctors tell her that a small bleed in her brain has stopped and that she’s dodged brain surgery.

As the news sinks in, she realizes the facade of her confidence has crumbled.  Shes at a crossroads: either find ways to overcome the fear that now engulfs her or give up on horses.

Adrift in uncertainty and pain, she discovers that confidence unchallenged is a fragile notion, and that strength can be found in the rebuilding of it. She confronts the reality that if she wants to get back to what she most loves doing, she must make the room of her fears smaller.

Continuing the Ride chronicles the lessons she learned and the horses who helped her return to the life she loves. Whether you’re looking for ways to build your own confidence or just a good horse story, you’ll find something satisfying in this account of healing inside and outand of how to get back up after falling down.


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