“Continuing The Ride” will be released December 6, 2019. Order here for your signed copy!

Please choose one of the three options: 

  1. If you’re shipping to any other state besides Colorado, click to order on the first option.
  2. If you’re shipping within Colorado, click to order on the second option.
  3. If you’re shipping internationally (Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, etc) click to order on the third option.



Book orders shipping within the United States, NOT Colorado

Order here for shipping to states outside of Colorado, within the United States. Price includes one signed book and shipping/handling fee via USPS Priority mail. Book: 14.99 Shipping/handling: $8.00





Book orders shipping within COLORADO

Price includes one signed copy of the book, plus tax and shipping. Book: $14.99 Tax plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail: $10.00






Orders shipping to Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe: please order here for a signed copy of Crissi’s book. Price includes one book at USD 14.99 and shipping via media post at USD 16.00.




Continuing the Ride Cover 3D




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